Phonics Reviews

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From the creator of Ringbound Reading:

"Having worked in the school system, I've seen children accumulate a huge deck of words they've memorized, yet be no closer to learning how to read. Each word was memorized in isolation, and the student, as well as having difficulty in reading class, was denied the opportunity to grasp the natural link between reading and spelling...Of course there are some words which must be memorized in order to recognize them by sight. I call these "true sight words." Try sounding out the word "one" for example, or the word "does."  True sight words must be memorized. However, most words are constructed of common word parts that, if mastered along with the true sight words, enable a student to read anything he or she encounters. Ringbound Reading makes learning to read - and spell - FUN. The sturdy, metal, re-closable rings allow your child to be actively engaged in controlling the color-coded cards as they learn to read. This is especially helpful for active kids! Because Ringbound Reading is not labeled as belonging to a specific grade level, children don't feel insulted when reviewing even the first cards. Nor do they feel intimited or frustrated, as they might with graded programs. Ringbound Reading is truly "the program designed with the child in mind!"

Here’s what some people are saying about Ringbound Reading™:

“I simply MUST put a plug in here for…Ringbound Reading. Our 7 year old has been struggling with phonics & reading. This reading program is truly phenomenal. Not only has [she] begun to learn to read, she WANTS to read, wants to use the program, and looks forward to reading lessons. If you knew [her], you’d understand just how amazing that is.”
—C.R. Ontario, Canada

“I have homeschooled for 14 years and this is the best I have ever used.” —D. C., Oxford, AL

"Ringbound Reading was the best tool for teaching my son to read - better than two years of Kindergarten combined!  Christopher was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD and reading was a real battle.  Ringbound was so easy!  We took it everywhere and practiced. By the end of Christopher's second year of Kindergarten he was the best reader in his class. Even his friends enjoy playing the games that are included.  I can't say enough good things about Ringbound Reading.  Thanks Judy."
—M.G. Barron, WI

“I spend as little as 5-10 minutes preparation time…The program is simple, yet thorough and extremely effective…As all the phonics cards are kept on rings, they stay organized, don’t get lost, and are easy to transport…My third grader uses it to hone up on his own phonics. To a busy mom, this program has all the important features: It’s thorough, it’s simple, it’s fun, it’s transportable, my children enjoy using it, and best of all, it works!” — C.S. Brooklyn Park, MN

“The program has been simple to follow. It requires a minimal amount of my time preparing for the next day’s lesson…I also like it because [my daughter] likes it! She progressed quickly through the first few sets of cards which helped boost her confidence…She is now well on her way to becoming an independent reader.”—K.G. for California Homeschool News

“Ringbound Reading™…is the only tool [my seven-year-old son’s] not resistant towards – Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.”  —C.H., Tri-County Homeschoolers Home Education Bulletin, Ossining, NY

“A totally organized phonics program…a ‘neat’ program in more ways than one.” — Mary Pride’s Practical Homeschooling Magazine

“…I see [Ringbound Reading™] especially beneficial to active little boys who
want nothing to do with workbooks; not only these active little boys, but mothers who have much more to accomplish than to assign and grade coloring pages made into phonics pages.” 
         — B.B., Reading Specialist, Ada, OH

“Convenience is the distinguishing feature of this phonics program…the variety of learning methods utilized also appeals to many different learners.” 

— Cathy Duffy’s Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual

“My daughter really looks forward to using [Ringbound Reading™] each day.” —J.D. Lancaster, PA

“My eight year old has always struggled with reading…We have seen great progress since we’ve starting using the program.”   — K.K. Denver, CO

“I am a homeschooling mom of three, with a son just starting down the road to learning to read. I LOVE the idea of having all the cards on rings…instead of constantly shuffling cards, papers, or books…My four year old would like to [play] with the cards also. She’s always hanging around when my son is ‘doing school’ and I can see her whispering the sounds to herself!”  — K.C. St. Paul, MN

“One of the things I appreciate most about Ringbound Reading™ is that there are not mountains of teacher materials that you must conquer before you can begin teaching. All you have to do is sit down beside your children, have fun, and learn along with them.” — D.F. for Tulsa Home Educators’ Coalition

“[Ringbound Reading™ was effective in teaching phonics and good reading patterns.We are happy to report that [the children] are reading up a storm…”
— D.J. CHEA of Central Texas