Phonics Instruction

At Birdseed Books for Kids, our phonics curriculum makes learning to read FUN— helping your child become a successful, confident reader.  There’s no frustration, no boredom, and reading skills are acquired quickly!

Teach reading with phonics instruction**   See Phonics FAQs

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Ringbound Reading Card Set
Phonics Card Set
RingBound Reading Box Set
Phonics Box Set

Our hands-on, comprehensive phonics curriculum,
RINGBOUND READING™ provides you with the following advantages:

  • Fun, hands-on phonics appeals to even the most active learners.
  • Builds and strengthens reading skills fast!
  • Creates an eager reader by helping your child feel in control and gaining early successes.
  • Reading and spelling taught together, reinforcing one another.
  • Concise, easy-to-use, step-by-step teacher’s manual.
  • Minutes, not hours, of preparation time.
  • Games and other reinforcements are built in, everything’s organized for you so you can start teaching.

Turn your reluctant reader to an eager reader. Join the ranks of parents and teachers who’ve found the fun and effective way to teach reading

“Thank you for…the phonics program that has suited our family so well. I have homeschooled 14 years and this is the best I have ever used.” —D.C. Oxford, OK

“A totally organized phonics program: Ringbound Reading™ makes review super easy”
Mary Pride’s Practical Homeschooling Mag.

“…variety of learning methods… appeals to many different learners.”
Cathy Duffy’s Christian Home Educators’ Curriculum Manual


382 Color-coded 3x9 durable cards held on 3 large, colorful metal rings.

  • Alphabet cards
  • Core cards
  • Game cards
  • Concise, easy-to-follow teacher’s manual
  • Manuscript tablet and model card     
  • Crayons for coloring Alphabet cards
  • Convenient plastic storage box

K-3rd  grade reading and spelling skills

$115.00 Complete Curriculum  

$25.00 for an extra picture card set (optional)
(the 69 picture cards, including the alphabet cards.)
These prices include shipping and handling.

30 Day money-back guarantee*