About Us

Birdseed Books for Kids is a family owned and operated business. We were pioneers in the homeschool field, having homeschooled for 21 years, beginning in 1981. With five children of our own, we have always been on a mission to find teaching products that are colorful, fun, and interesting for children, as well as being time-and cost- effective for parents and teachers. Judy Masrud is author of Second Chance – a Tale of Two Puppies, our new children’s book about responsible pet care, as well as the creator of Ringbound Reading™ our comprehensive, sequential, and progress phonics curriculum. We look forward to bringing you additional products in the future, including an upcoming series of beginning phonics readers – with production scheduled for January, 2007.


About the Author

From Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies:

“Judy Masrud lives in the rolling hills of northwest Wisconsin where she spends her time writing children’s stories, gardening, and taking care of her two dogs. She lives with her husband, Kevin, and the three children who are still living at home. Her own experiences as a dog owner are the inspiration for the book Second Chance – A Tale of Two Puppies. Choosing a three-month old German Shepherd puppy for all the wrong reasons, she later took him to puppy kindergarten and then beginning obedience classes. Bridger was the only puppy in the group who had to have a “time out.” Through the advice and instruction of the trainer, Judy learned that most of what she had been doing to try to train Bridger was having either the opposite effect or was simply ineffective. A year later, after visiting the local animal shelter to find a companion for Bridger, a lab-shepherd mix named Misty came to live with the Masruds. Seeing the many homeless dogs and puppies at the shelter, and realizing that so many of them were surrendered because of a lack of education on the part of their owners, Judy decided to write this book.”



Judy, Bridger,
and a wee bit ‘o Misty.